Together we have determined an approach for establishing our presence in key communities, including engaging essential partners and raising awareness among those we serve. Ned has a gift for communications, including the ability to understand priorities and voice, and to blend them into prose that resonate. He knows how to deliver.

Ed Stellon, Vice President, Heartland Alliance, and Executive Director, Heartland Health, Inc.


Ned Schaub served as an important thought partner and communications expert for two important initiatives in San Francisco. For both initiatives, Ned worked with our department and partners to design and deliver compelling outreach campaigns. Ned's skills and experience made him the ideal partner for this work. Both initiatives are still going strong--a tribute to Ned's contributions.

Shireen McSpadden, Executive Director, San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services


What Ned created was accessible, poetic, and calibrated for critical audiences. Over more than a year Ned and I collaborated to develop strategic messaging that conveys a clear, consistent voice for a large and complex domestic and international organization. I saw Ned lead this work from a few basic ideas to a full-on, dynamic web and social media presence.

Jeff Davidoff, President, Walton Isaacson


Ned is a strong manager when it comes to deadlines and budget – including making sure that I have what I need, when I need it, to get the job done, and that I get paid on time. As the principal of a graphic design firm based in Chicago I get to work on exciting projects with some of the city’s leading talent. Ned Schaub is one of those people.

Sarah Sommers, Principal, Sarah Sommers Graphic Design


Ned knows how to give words life – and that’s because he’s a very strategic thinker, brilliant at crafting strategic messaging, and always throws in an appropriate amount of poetry. These skills, combined with his down-to-earth style, charm, and gentle sense of humor, make him a real joy to work with.

Kandyse McCoy Cunningham, Director of Property Management, Heartland Housing, Inc.


Ned understands that critical link between achieving impact and effective communications. You can be meeting, even exceeding your numbers, or changing the world, but if key market segments and constituents don’t know or don’t care, you’ll never achieve the impact that you could. Because communications and marketing, and business and strategic planning, are all areas of expertise for Ned, he is the ideal match for any leader, group of executives, or organization preparing take their work up a notch and let the world know about it.

Jennifer Fuller, Program Officer, Cambia Health Foundation


Ned Schaub and I are passionate about good writing and thoughtful speech. We discovered this when Ned came to work for me at the MacArthur Foundation in Chicago, where he directed communications for the program I led. I know him as a sharp, yet unassuming and thoughtful communications professional.

Dan Martin, Retired, MacArthur Foundation, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Conservation International


Ned's talents as a speaker, writer, and inquisitive strategist, and his endearing personality have made it possible for him to serve some of the nation’s leading organizations and movements, and to become a trusted advisor to executives from coast to coast. Major foundation leaders, healthcare innovators, and community change agents have sought Ned out for his communications and strategy expertise, and he played key roles in helping them articulate and achieve the success they envisioned.

Teri Foster, Director, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago


Ned knows how to bring truly creative ideas, tough questions, and an understanding of the market. I always look forward to working with him on projects, regardless of the level of challenge. He is one of those "one in a million" people that positively influences their work environment for the better, making hard work less difficult, and delivering key messages that are heard and understood.

Mary Kay Gilbert, Chief Growth Officer, Heartland Health, Inc.

Ned worked with me to clarify audience segments and key messages, and then crafted a speech that told the right story and truly reached my audience. It was a major success – and so much of it had to do with Ned’s talent in communications, key messaging, and speechwriting.

Michael Goldberg, Vice President, Heartland Alliance, and Executive Director, Heartland Housing, Inc.