Engaging hearts and minds.


My specialty is achieving impact through purpose-driven strategy, market-focused messaging, and powerful content that engages hearts and minds. Over two decades in communications, public relations, and strategy development, I’ve served as executive, staffer, consultant, and board director.

The son of a Chicago investigative journalist and press secretary, I grew up in the press room, engaged in robust dinner table debates, and falling asleep to the sound of a manual typewriter. This instilled in me endless curiosity, a desire for purpose-driven work, and a love of compelling communications.


 about ned

Lincoln is my communications hero and has been since I began my career two score and four years ago.

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I've had the honor of working with some of Chicago's and the nation's most creative leaders. Here's what they say.

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I'm working on the PORTFOLIO pages right now. Stay tuned for a selection of some of my work.

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If you'd like to work together or have a great idea to discuss please tell me more!

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